Auto Car Vent

Bridgewater Candle Co.
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Lifespan of Air Vent -  Fragrances up to 30 Days


Sweet Grace: Illuminate the preciousness of life and effortless beauty of passionate fruits radiating with sparkling tea and classic patchouli.


Kiss in the Rain: Captures that undeniably magical moment of getting lost in one another as sparks fly from a dreamy embrace. A passionate mist of black currant, raspberry and strawberry dispels into a floral enmeshment of soft rose and violet. Gently knit together with a base of vanilla woods, amber and musk, the chemistry in this fragrant experience is unforgettable.

Let's Celebrate: Raise a glass and make a toast to a fragrance that embodies all things exuberant, bubbly and revel-worthy. Glittery bursts of succulent strawberry and mandarin fizz into a flowery trio of mimosa, honeysuckle and gardenia, while an infusion of buttery vanilla rum, sandalwood and musk exalt the senses into a holding pattern of pure jubilation.

White Cotton: Dance through the sunshine filled crisp linen sheets

Free Spirit: Helps bring those daydreams a little closer to real life. The blue color mimics the deep blue depths while the marine and cedarwood notes let you imagine a little easier that your afternoon is spent on a boat instead of at your desk.