LOCAL LOVE: How We Give Back

LOCAL LOVE: How We Give Back

I've always loved giving gifts.  Some would say I'm good at it, like it's a special power I have. I would say it's more because I listen to what my friends or family members are interested in and try to find something that they would truly enjoy.  I do not always get it right, but I love trying. 


To give the best gift is something I've tried to do my whole life, as I wanted it to have meaning & thought behind it.  It wasn't until TOMS Shoes came into existence back in like 2004 that I was introduced to products that when purchased, a percent of sales would go towards helping another person around the world.  I bought up three pairs that day! 

Overtime I began looking for products that had this same mindset, shopping with purpose behind the company.  A store in Franklin, Tennessee called Philanthropy was the first place I ever saw a store front that offered unique items that helped others.  That was thirteen years ago.  Since then, companies like Altar'd State have a 'Mission Monday' focus and many businesses have implemented a give back concept. 


When I returned from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2010, I was immersed in learning about non-profit organizations throughout Amarillo with the job I currently held.  I learned quickly how philanthropic our great city was. So, as I began dreaming of what my boutique would be like, I knew somehow, I wanted to incorporate a give back to my local community.  

Finding products that help others around the world has become more common to find in the marketplace today which I love seeing.  Back in 2017 when we began this endeavor it was harder to find products that had a give back component. I knew that not only did I want to offer products that helped others, I wanted to give back to non-profits in the area. 


We began partnering with local non-profits in March of 2018 just two months after we opened.  Storybridge Amarillo was our first partnership where we did a book drive & also donated monetarily to the organization.  Since then, we been able to support local non-profits in our area through product donations, intentional collection drives and monetary donations.  Since 2018 - 2022 we have been blessed to give over $131, 928 to local partnerships. 

All of this is possible because of our customers, you see when you shop with us, we take a percentage and give back specifically for each non-profit.  For some they need physical products, while other one's request sponsorships.  Making this our mission for the store is easy... as we are called to care for the widows, orphans and less fortunate.   

We are partnering with a nonprofit called 13|30 this month (September 2023).  A portion of sales will be donated directly to this college ministry on the WTAMU campus. We also are handing out 'free coffee' cards to our local customers to head to the 13|30 Coffee Shop in Canyon for a free cup on us.  We love helping bring awareness to small businesses in our area. 

This summer we had 'Sweet Treat Friday' and also 'Snack & Shop Tuesday', where we purchased baked goods & lunch food for our customers to enjoy from local business in our area.  We paid for these items to help support these business' and also introduce our customers to some of our favorite hot spots around town like Tyler's BBQ, The Local Wedge, The Eatery, The Ruffled Cup & Sweets by Cara Linn. 


We recently rolled out a candle collection that helps support local nonprofits this fall.  The Hope & Healing Place (Sweet Grace scent), The PARC (Fall scents) & Amarillo Children's Miracle Network (Christmas scents coming soon) - when you purchase candles for the season a percentage of sales will be donated back to these locally. We are hoping to help shed light on these organizations. Shop these candles here

We hope this gives some insight into our mission for Purpose + Passion and encourages you to keep shopping local as you are helping more than just our business, but so many lives locally & around the world. 

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