Courage the Hawk Book

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1st Book in the Series

“The Adventures of Kingdom Forest” is a children’s book series bursting with inspiring stories and passionate pursuits of an adventurous God!


This heart pounding adventure of Courage the Hawk will inspire you to take a leap of faith and soar courageously. A young hawk named Courage refuses to fly because of fear. He stubbornly clings to the tree limb until the day he is suddenly faced with a serious decision─will Courage allow fear to stop him or will he fly to save his family and friends from danger?

At the end of the story, Mama Marie, the narrator, announces the good news that like Courage, you too can overcome fear and be courageous. She joyfully invites you to join her and her friends on an exciting adventure.

On this amazing journey you will discover:

  • A special place in the arms of Jesus.
  • How to hear His voice by listening from your heart.
  • How to be courageous in the midst of fear.
  • How to use God’s Word as your mighty sword.



About the Author: 

Reba lives in Amarillo, Texas, with the love of her life, Ernie. She is a lover of all things family! Some of her greatest joys are being a wife, mom and grandmother. A sappy Hallmark movie and a bowl of fresh cherries are what she calls a “happy moment.” She loves the outdoors, the company of dear friends, relaxing with a good book and being in the mountains. Follow Reba @reba_russell on Instagram & Facebook.