HOPE: Real Life Stories

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By Brenda Trafton & Friends

For years, I have heard real-life stories from women in the midst of a storm. Their stories have been heart-wrenching because of powerful feelings of hopelessness. They have experienced tragic losses, severely broken childhoods, rebellion of many kinds, abortion, sexual abuse, abusive relationships, broken marriages and many other desperate situations. So often, hearing someone else's story with similar experiences created hope. These ladies show with Gods grace, no situation is beyond restoration and healing!

Some familiar questions I consistently hear from broken hearts are:

Where is my hope?

Will I survive this?

Am I being punished by God?

Will I ever be able to trust again?

Will my children and family survive this?

How do you forgive God and the one who hurt you?

How do you forgive yourself?

My shame is overwhelming. How do you overcome it?

Did you feel angry?

Did you get mad at God?

How did you get out of bed in the morning?

Where is God in all this mess?

How can a good God let this happen?

Do you hear me God?

What do I do about all the gossip?

How can God use this tragedy for good?