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Quick View Classic Shave Soap - Bourbon Cedar

Classic Shave Soap - Bourbon Cedar

Perfect your shaving ritual with the rich, conditioning lather of our Classic Bourbon Cedar Shave Soap. Ingredients sodium palmate†, sodium palm kernelate†, aqua (water), glycerin, fragrance (parfum)**, butyrospermum parkii...
Quick View Concrete Shave Bowl

Concrete Shave Bowl

Every shave soap needs a home. Keeps yours comfortable and easy to access with our Concrete Shave Bowl. This sleek container features a stylish lid, making it worth showing off on the counter. Your shave soap stays neat and tidy with our bamboo...
Quick View Peppermint Lip Balm

Peppermint Lip Balm

Sensitive and delicate, your lips are quickly affected by outside aggressions such as weather changes, so they need a little help to stay soft and well moisturized, our lip balm will create a protective barrier against further cracking and will get a...
Quick View Safety Razor-Chrome Handle+5Blades

Safety Razor-Chrome Handle+5Blades

The most elegant solutions are often the most effective. That's why we're sticking with the simple construction of the double edge razor. The manual control of a single blade gets you the closest possible shave. And with sleek designs in bamboo, ivory...
Quick View Shave Brush-Chrome Handle

Shave Brush-Chrome Handle

Monet didn't paint with his hands. That's because every great work of art requires the proper tools. Your well-groomed face is no different. Stop squeezing foam from a can and simply slapping it on your face. Take the time to do your shave right with our...
Quick View Bourbon Cedar Body Moisturizer 6.5oz

Bourbon Cedar Body Moisturizer 6.5oz

Every skin type needs to be hydrated. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination of the two, it needs to be nourished. Cleansing your skin exposes it to elements like allergens, pollution, or simply dry air. Protect your skin with...
Quick View Cedar & Bergamot Hand Rescue 1.75oz

Cedar & Bergamot Hand Rescue 1.75oz

Cedar & Bergamot From a day of yard work to harsh winters, hands take a beating from time to time. Give your tired, weathered hands a rest with our Certified Organic Hand Rescue. This heavy-duty salve moisturizes dry, cracked skin with organic olive...
Quick View Cedar Beeswax Handcream 1.7oz

Cedar Beeswax Handcream 1.7oz

Contains all four hive ingredients: Royal Jelly, Beeswax, Propolis, Honey Rich, creamy, long-lasting formula protects and softens Great for those working with hands throughout the day Warm and woodsy cedarwood essential oil promotes a feeling of...
Quick View Beeswax Salve Travel Size -0.75oz

Beeswax Salve Travel Size -0.75oz

Certified USDA Organic Used to be called just Beeswax Salve and came in a red tin Concentrated treatment intensely hydrates and nourishes damaged skin Perfect for individuals with hard-workin' hands The elements, repeated washing and drying,...
Quick View Bourbon Cedar Solid Cologne 1.75oz

Bourbon Cedar Solid Cologne 1.75oz

Bourbon Cedar cologne is a natural, essential oil based fragrance. It's a sophisticated blend inspired by the wood-aging tradition of American distilleries. Natural colognes like Bourbon Cedar are more subtle than their synthetic counterparts...
Quick View Bourbon Cedar Shave Gel 7oz

Bourbon Cedar Shave Gel 7oz

Give your face the shave it deserves. This Foaming Shave Gel keeps your skin hydrated and alert with our blend of panthenol (vitamin B5), organic elderberry extract and organic yerba mate for a clean and classic...