It was a desire of mine to have products that have PURPOSE that make a difference in someone else's life.  By partnering with these brands below we are able to help a greater PURPOSE!  We have bought products from them to help make a way for the PURPOSE to live out and do good all across the world. 

Looking to shop for an item that has a PURPOSE.  These are some brands below that help give back. Shop the entire #shopforapurpose collection, here.  You can then shop by price point, category or by brand. Thank you for helping make a PURPOSE in someone else's life! 

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Empowering Others

ABLE - Handbags, shoes, jewelry & clothing. Ending generational poverty in Peru, Ethiopia, Mexico and the United States. More information visit https://www.livefashionable.com/pages/about

BELJOY - buy jewelry, change lives. Unique styles of handmade jewelry in Haiti and the United States. More information visit https://beljoyhaiti.com/pages/our-story

CALYAN WAX CO. - buy candles and wax melts and your purchase is used to fund strategic anti-human trafficking operations in America. More information visit https://calyanwaxco.com/our-mission/

DAUGHTERS OF HOPE - kitchen hand towels made by women in India. More information visit http://www.daughtersofhopeindia.com/

IMANI COLLECTIVE - baby pillows and home decor.  Empowering women in Kenya with jobs and opportunities.  More information visit https://imanicollective.com/pages/artisans

PICKLES WITH A PURPOSE - pickle jars. One kid's efforts in helping a homeless couple who needed a home.  Now they have one and others too. More information visit http://www.pickleswithapurpose.org/

SOKO - handmade jewelry made in Africa. Combining style and social impact to create refined products with a purpose. 25% of all sales goes back to the Soko artisans.  More information visit https://shopsoko.com/

THISTLE FARMS - hand soaps, lotions, room sprays & more. Thistle Farms' mission is to  heal, empower and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. We do this by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners.  We believe that in the end, love is the most powerful force for change in the world. More information visit https://thistlefarmswholesale.org/pages/about-thistle-farms

THE RED SARI - felt home decor and wreaths. On a mission to create and sustain jobs for women in Nepal. For the women in this small South Asian country, jobs represent more than income – working liberates them from lives of isolation, builds confidence, and bestows status within their families and communities. More information visit http://theredsari.com/about-us/our-values/

UR BATH & BODY - bath bombs, soaps, shower steamers and more. Offering a place of employment that empowers and promotes women’s independence from challenging family and abusive circumstances. More information visit https://urbathco.com/#our-mission


Health Awareness

THAT'S ALL - drinkware, beauty bags & more.  That's All is about cutting to the chase and finding humor in our everyday lives. Being able to say "You have cancer. That's all!" allowed the founder and her sister (battling ovarian cancer)to find humor in a stressful time.  A portion of all the proceeds goes to the fight against ovarian cancer.  


Feeding Others

HALF UNITED - buy an item, give 7 meals to those in need. From community gardens, packing meals, after school programs and more.  Every purchase provides meals to those who need it. Their shirts inspire as they say "Giving Is the New Black." More information visit https://www.halfunited.com/pages/fighting-hunger-half-united

BRIDGEWATER CANDLES - candles, car fresheners, sachets and melts. They have partnered with RiceBowls.org to provide meals to children in need - 3 meals for every jar candle sold. More information visit https://bridgewatercandles.com/pages/lacfac


Caring for Children

ROMA BOOTS - rain boots. Buy a pair and they give a pair.  More information visit https://romaboots.com/

PURPOSE COFFEE, CO. - coffee and coffee products. This husband and wife help care for the orphans all across the globe.  More information visit http://www.purposecoffeeco.com/purpose/

BRIDGEWATER CANDLES - candles, car fresheners, sachets and melts. They have partnered with RiceBowls.org to provide meals to children in need - 3 meals for every jar candle sold. More information visit https://bridgewatercandles.com/pages/lacfac

2BQ'D BBQ SAUCE - original and spicy BBQ sauce. Each purchase of 2BQ’D BBQ Sauce not only puts a smile on the barbecue lover’s face after enjoying its healthy and delicious taste, but also has a tangible effect on repairing smiles of children around the world. They have partnered with Smile Train. More information visit https://2bqdbbqsauce.com/smile-train/


 Building Water Wells

SIPS DRINKWARE -  mugs, glasses, drink tumblers and more.  Portion of the proceeds help to build wells in Uganda. More information visit https://sips.cb-gift.com/aboutus.jsp


Education Support

TUMBLEWEED TEXSTYLES - t-shirts, hats and more all helping to give back to the Frisco Education Foundation. More information visit https://tumbleweedtexstyles.com/pages/giving-back


In-store Only Collections

We also have a few collections that are in-store only that have PURPOSE. Please visit us in Amarillo, Texas to view these and all the collections mentioned above. 

THE GIVING KEYS - necklace keys, bracelets and earrings that pay it forward  and help with homelessness. More information visit https://www.thegivingkeys.com/pages/impact

DIFF EYEWEAR - buy one give one, this sunglass company donates reading glasses all across the globe.  More information visit https://www.diffeyewear.com/pages/buy-one-give-one-program




2018 Past Collections Carried

ELEVATE - leather goods created in South Africa. More information visit www.elevate-people.com/about.html

GO RINGS - jewelry created to do good.  More information visit https://gorings.com/pages/our-story

CAIT & CO. - soap, lotions, oil products all helping to teach women the art of soap making and hygiene.  More information visit www.caitandco.com/give-back.html

REPURPOSE ON PURPOSE - handmade leather products made in the U.S.A. More information visit https://www.gloryhaus.com/t-repurposedonpurpose.aspx

COTTON AND WAX CANDLE, CO. - candles and diffusers that help give back to support animal rescue. More information visit https://cottonandwax.com/pages/our-story

HIDDEN TO SOAR - keychains and notecards to help bring awareness and staff support to the Dignity Project, through One by One. More information visit https://onebyone.net/projects/dignity-project/

LOLLIES - handmade leather earrings that help bring awareness and funds to those suffering with depression.

BUNNIES BY THE BAY - baby products. Partnering with Worldwide Orphans & Kids Wish Network.  More information visit https://www.bunniesbythebay.com/red-thread-charities  

NEVER LOSE HOPE - apparel and accessories. A portion of sales from t-shirts, jewelry & cards goes to help a child in need and to 'never lose hope'.  More information visit https://neverlosehope.shop/pages/our-story

I AM SECOND - books and bracelets that help a non-profit tell stories of changed lives.  More information visit https://www.iamsecond.com/  

EVER ELLIS -  baseball caps. Select caps help give back to 'Canines for Veterans' organization.  Use #EEGIFTINGISGOOD with your post and Ever Ellis will give a donation to their "Gifting Is Good" Organization of the Year! 

BELLA TUNNO - buy one, give one children line.  Partnering with Feeding of America.  More information visit https://www.bellatunno.com/buy-one-give-one/