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Dog Gone It

Tracy Hays  - local author from Amarillo, Texas.  Tracy suffered a traumatic brain injury from a hit-&-run accident while training for a 1/2 ironman triathlon in 2014.  His books shares the story of his recovery and how he learned to...
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Southern Roots Sisters Jam

Peach Pepper Jam - 9oz - Made with fresh fruit, a kick of spicy peppers & pure cane sugar Triple Berry Jam - 9oz - Made with fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries & pure cane sugar Strawberry Pepper Jam - 9oz - Made with fresh...
Quick View Release by Candy Gibbs

Release by Candy Gibbs

A mother’s role in her son’s life takes many shapes. She is the guardian of his heart, carrier of his hope, builder of a godly heritage, and teacher of respect and honor. She has only a few short years to equip him with the necessary tools to...
Quick View HOPE: Real Life Stories

HOPE: Real Life Stories

By Brenda Trafton & Friends For years, I have heard real-life stories from women in the midst of a storm. Their stories have been heart-wrenching because of powerful feelings of hopelessness. They have experienced tragic losses, severely broken...