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Golf Ball Whiskey Coolers + Tong Set

Golf Ball Whiskey Coolers + Tong Set

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Whiskey Rocks Set: This package features a complete set of whiskey rocks, comprising four pieces shaped like golf balls, stainless steel tongs, and a gift box with soft cotton lining. It's a perfect ensemble for those who enjoy both golf and whiskey.

Preserve the True Taste: Crafted from premium glass, these whiskey rocks swiftly chill your drink without compromising its original flavor, ensuring you savor your beverage at the perfect temperature. Ideal for aficionados of chilled drinks, they're the top pick for maintaining the true essence of your favorite libations. 

Enable Repeated Use: These golf ball whiskey chillers are reusable, requiring only a minimum of 3 hours in the refrigerator before use. Simply place them in your drink when necessary to effortlessly cool it. Additionally, you can wash them for your next chilling experience.

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