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You're On, Cowboy! by Jerry Hodge

You're On, Cowboy! by Jerry Hodge

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While his life has been nothing short of extraordinary, author, Jerry Hodge is only human. So, when he received a damning diagnosis that left him counting his days and saying his goodbyes, he was inspired to get clear on what's truly important in life and what kind of legacy is worth leaving behind.

You're on, Cowboy! is a memoir that retraces the path that led Hodge to become wildly successful in business and eventually successful in marriage. An entrepreneur by trade, and a cowboy at heart, author, Hodge shares lessons on life, love and business with unpolished honesty, humor and a few choice words.

Always a risk-taker and a betting man, Hodge has never been one to back down from a challenge. This tenacity helped him grow a local pharmacy from a single storefront in Amarillo, Texas into a national brand worth millions. He was City Commissioner and Mayor for a town he loved dearly, and he might be the only person to go toe-to-toe with both Oprah Winfrey and Boone Pickens and lived to tell about it.

And after two unsuccessful marriages, he found Margaret, the one true love of his life. You're on, Cowboy! isn't intended to be a how-to book. Still, it's full of tough-love fatherly advice - always have integrity, refrain from doing business with as*holes, and when something seems impossible, figure out how to do it anyway.

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